PPT LifeStyle

Learning to train in different enviorments and clothing is vital!

Learning to train in different clothing and environments is vital!

PPT LifeStyle (formerly PPT Enterprises consisting of Personal Protection Techniques/Progressive Personal Training) was founded in 1993.  The purpose was originally to teach two separate things, Personal Safety from Crime, and proper exercise and nutrition for good health.
Personalized Prevention Training is the program that teaches both the public and businesses how to develop a plan for safety from crime, which includes robbery, assaults, carjacking, rape, domestic violence, and even bullying.  This is done by learning prevention First utilizing observation and situational awareness,Second, adding strategies/tactics to the first, and finally the third (management) stage of physical techniques(PPT-6 I.C.A.N.), if need be.
“TPAC(TotalPhyt Action Conditioning)” is the exercise and nutrition program, that takes a very different approach, using functional training as its directive, that improves your overall everyday performance in life, be it for weight loss, strengthening, cardiovascular improvement, balance, flexibility, or better endurance/injury prevention, and increased cognizance.  This can also help you if you participate in sports and athletic competitions.
As PPT has evolved, due to constant research which is a prime directive of the company, it has been determined that neither is really separate from the other, and that the best way is to embrace them both and have a healthy lifestyle.  PPT continues to research the latest information on crime, exercise methodology, and nutrition, so that you can always function at your highest level in all areas of your life.  It’s all about living and performing in life to the fullest!!  Contact us now, and be a part of the PPT LifeStyle!


PPT LifeStyle-Holistic Approach To Crime Prevention/Personal Safety, incorporating Exercise and Nutrition in a Personalized PLAN for Individuals, Families, Children, Girls & Women, Businesses and Groups.  Ask about our children’s program, “C.A.R.E.(Children’s Awareness and Response Education)”, that teaches  non-violent conflict resolvement(Bullying-Cyberbullying), self esteem, focus, discipline, and exercise.  We use the Benjamin Franklin Award winning books by Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, including “Why Is Everyone Always Picking On Us?”, as part of the educational process, along with many others.



Our logo: “The American Eagle, leading people out of the ‘Darkness of IGNORANCE’, into the ‘Light Of KNOWLEDGE'”.  This is also our Mission Statement.